1. Awareness and Capacity building, personality development and promoting team spirit
  2. Skill upgradation and enhancing alternative livelihood opportunities
  3. Enabling sustainable Natural Resource Management
  4. Addressing Environmental, Social, Gender, Health and Sanitation issues  

In furtherance of the above objectives

    1. Conduct awareness campaigns and skill upgradation programmes
    2. Undertake activities for promotion of viable and sustainable livelihood opportunities
    3. Enable planning, monitoring and evaluation of Natural Resource Management and Biodiversity Conservation
    4. Promotion and documentation of traditional knowledge and traditional measures of conservation of Natural Resources;
    5. Promote use and adoption of information technology, electronic and social media and various relevant and emerging tools and technologies
    6. Promote various forms of arts, crafts and literature
    7. Conduct studies and research, bring out publications and disseminate knowledge and information using Social and traditional media
    8. Work in close association with various Governmental and Non Governmental Institutions, Corporate bodies and Institutions, Companies, Societies and Individuals;
    9. Take up cause of advocacy of issues of relevance to the target group;
    10. Mobilise required financial resources through voluntary contributions, donations,  support from Governmental and Non Governmental agencies, Local and International Agencies, Corporate bodies and Institutions, CSR, Donor agencies etc.,;